Loft Walls

Gdansk, Gdynia, Tricity

Where do we work?

We operate not only in the Pomeranian region. We successfully complete orders from all over Poland, however most of our orders are executed within the Tri-City (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Kaszuby).

What are lofts?

Loft spaces have come to us from the United States and the United Kingdom. An interesting fact is that in the U.S. 'loft' is defined as the top floor of the building. That is, the one that is located directly under the roof. However, the British call a 'loft' a storage room under the roof, which is usually accessed by a ladder...


Glass structures

Sopot, Gdansk, Kaszuby

Steel and glass structures impress with their versatility and practicality. We can place it both inside and outside the building. Beautifully complements the space regardless of the style. We make doors, canopies, showcases and loft style structures.

Recently glass developments have become very popular, they are a great alternative to partition walls. Glass structures create glass walls perfectly composing with the interior.

See what effects you can achieve with our projects!

Modern office in loft style

Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Pomerania

If you have an office and don't know how to arrange it, industrial style is a perfect idea. A few loft-style details can make the space gain character and make it more pleasant to work in. In addition, loft style has large open spaces in its DNA, so it is just perfect.

Glass translucency fills the office with light and slightly divides it, maintaining comfort for employees as well as guests visiting the office. In combination with brick and white, the whole space gains a raw elegance.

Shower cabin in loft style

Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Pomerania

Industrial shower cabin is a popular hit. The combination of glass and metal elements gives a raw look, from which it is hard to tear your eyes away. And if you don't have space for a shower, we can create for you an industrial wall, which is just perfect for smaller spaces.

Transparency is an extra meter and a nice addition to the whole. Loft shower cabins feel great in the company of imitation concrete or gray. But of course, the arrangement is up to you!

Loft style shower cabin is the perfect solution for smaller spaces, regardless of the style in which it will be installed.

Advantages of lofts

Steel and glass cabinets attract attention and make the room look more spacious, interesting and light. What is more, loft-style solutions are a perfect idea for irregular rooms. Our buildings fill even the most complicated and unusual bevels, which is why they perfectly match the interior. Doors perfectly complement the interior, add lightness to it, and the slant is nicely developed.

Loft style doors are all advantages:

  • Developed bevels
  • Combination of different materials
  • Lightweight construction, which does not strain the ceiling
  • Industrial atmosphere
  • Alternative interior design
  • Many arrangement possibilities

Below are pictures of complicated and unusual bevels.

Drzwi na wiatrołapie

Nowoczesne wejście Gdańsk

Drzwi w stylu loftowym Sulmin

Loft style doors

Gdansk, Gdynia, Tricity

Loft style doors are a trend that enjoys great popularity. More and more clients decide to install such doors in their apartments. In this simple way rooms gain great atmosphere, dynamism and modern look. Loft style is not only about doors, but above all, the idea of using space in the most practical way.

This design enhances functionality and gives many possibilities even to the smallest interiors. The most common place for industrial doors are vestibules. Classic loft doors separating the living space from the vestibule not only give the apartment a unique charm, but also perfectly illuminate the living room.

We focus on attention to every detail. The biggest advantage of our doors is the blends around them. They level the distance between the door and the door frame, thanks to which the room gains additional soundproofing. Blends improve the visual appearance of the door, making the project refined. We also offer the possibility of using a lock with a key insert or a roller lock. In terms of opening you can choose from a handle, hilt, knob.

Szkło hartowane

Proces powstawania polega na nagrzewaniu i następnie gwałtownych schładzaniu. Dzięki temu szkło uzyskuje niesamowitą wytrzymałość mechaniczną, która jest aż 5-7 razy wyższa od zwykłego szkła.

Szkło ornamentowe

Ornamenty to szkło półprzezierne, które umożliwia optymalne doświetlenie pomieszczeń, a jednocześnie dają prywatność osobom przebywającym za nim.

Szkło klejone

Tego typu szkło powstaje w wyniku połączenia jednej lub kilku tafli szkła. Warstwą sklejającą może być specjalna żywica lub folia, wtedy otrzymujemy efekt szkła mlecznego lub dymionego.

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